Specialising In Childrens Care

About us

We at Heartly Care are proud and excited to be playing our own part in being able to provide care for children who need it the most by placing children in the heart of everything we do.

At Heartly Care we aim to make a positive difference in every child’s life. Our mission is to help children thrive, to achieve the very best they can and to be happy. Our dedicated staff aim to make a difference, however big or small to children’s lives every single day.

Cora House, based in Northamptonshire, is soon to be opening its doors to welcome in children to Heartly Care.

Cora House is situated in a location that supports its aims and objectives and proposed therapeutic model of care for children. This includes children being able to access external services (education, health, and transport), recreational activities (leisure centres, cinemas, library, and shopping centres) and to maintain and develop relationships with family and friends. 

Every child matters to us. Our experienced staff employ a holistic approach in ensuring emotional, educational and life skills are integrated into each child’s care plan and daily routines.